If you’re one of the many procrastinators who still hasn’t switched from Google Reader to another RSS service, you’re running out of time. The service, as first announced by Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) in March, will cease to exist on July 1. To the unmotivated, that’s this coming Monday, so at the very least, export your subscriptions to a Zip file so you don’t lose them.

Google has met with a swarm of criticism over the decision to axe Reader, including condemnation from Internet users living under oppressive regimes who said they relied on the service to gain access to censored websites. But as anyone who follows the comings and goings of the search behemoth can tell you, Reader is not the first popular service to fall victim to Google’s whims. Over the years, the company has shown a tremendous knack for fickleness, tweaking, revamping and otherwise obliterating its own aims in the name of trial and error.

The folks at WordStream, a marketing software company based in Boston, came up with an eye-catching infographic documenting the long list of discontinued or failed Google pet projects. Larry Kim, WordStream’s founder, said in an email to IBTimes that the “Google Graveyard” graphic was an effort to commemorate Reader’s death.

Check out the graphic below.

 Google GraveyardRead about the discontinued products from WordStream.

And if you’re still looking for alternatives to Google Reader, there are “Best Reader Alternatives” lists all over the Internet, including posts on Gizmodo, ABC News, TechCrunch, Lifehacker and elsewhere. Also, check out this one compiled by IBTimes’ Jeff Stone.

For what it’s worth, the Feedly reader tops almost every list out there. Now you officially have no excuse. So don’t wait until Monday -- switch over today.

And when you’re finished, pay a visit to the Google Reader death countdown clock. You’ll feel great knowing you got out just in time.