Google and Samsung are slated to unveil the Nexus Prime and Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich on Tuesday.

The unveiling will stream live over Google's Android Developers YouTube channel at at 10:00 p.m. EST or 10:00 a.m. Hong Kong Time.

The Ice Cream Sandwich phone is expected to be the Android 4.0, according to The Street, and will be a combination of Android's Gingerbread smartphone system and Honeycomb tablet system.

Android Police recently posted leaked pictures of the Ice Cream Sandwich widgets - specifically screenshots of Gmail, email, and calendar. The site offers a comparison of the new version alongside the old Honeycomb version.

The interface appears cleaner and clearer, with easily readable fonts and a more pleasant design.

 CNET New's Lance Whitney reports that the Oct. 18 unveiling event should also kick off the release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, otherwise known as Nexus Prime, as the first phone to carry the new Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

The reported release date for the Nexus Prime is slated for Nov.

The Ice Cream Sandwich operating system will be Google's first ever unified OS that can operate in both tablets and smartphones.

Google delayed the release after Steve Jobs' passing (although others think that Google and Samsung delayed the announcement over patent discrepancies).

However, the Ice Cream Sandwich will surely prove to be competition for Apple's iOS 5 and iPhone4S.

Last week, Google added an adorable ornament on the front lawn of its Mountain View headquarters - none other than a gigantic Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

All the anticipation is enough to make any tech fan hungry for more.