In the search engine giant's most recent endeavor, Google and a team of staff members have partnered with a brewery to create its own exclusive, limited-edition beer.

Google has enlisted a Delaware-based brewery, Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales, to develop its own beer with the input of Google staff members, PCWorld reported.

The limited-edition brew will be called Urkontinent, which has twice the amount of alcohol than any other beer on the market, Google said. Urkontinent became available on tap at the Dogfish Head pub in Delaware and will be distributed in the coming months.

Google has also released a video documenting the process of creating its own signature beer. After receiving 100 ingredient suggestions from its offices globally, Urkontinent has ingredients from around the world. The Belgian Dubbel styled beer has wattleseed from Australia, amaranth from South America, African green rooibos tea, European Myrica Gake and Google's own honey, from its personal supply of Californian bee hives.

The video, entitled Urkontinent: The life of Dogfish's latest beer displayed below, also shows how Google used its digital elements, including Sites, Moderator, hangouts, Docs and Apps, to help enrich the process to not only invent the idea for the beer but to physically brew it.

It's what Google does every day -- take a fractured world of information and put it into something cohesive and whole, Dogfish Head president Sam Calagione told PCWorld.

A spokesperson from Google said the search engine company will not receive any profits from the sales of Google's Urkontinent beer, nor does it have plans to change its business strategy. Rather, it was just a fun project for Google employees, or Googlers.

We encourage our employees to pursue their interests -- whether they are training for a marathon, inviting their favorite author to speak, or creating the perfect cafe latte, the spokesperson said. Similarly, the project with Dogfish Head brewery was a Googler-driven project organized by a group of craftbrewery aficionados across the company.