Google’s +1 button is going to get faster along with the page loading, increasing the potential of earning popularity and driving web traffic.

Google is an attractive platform for most publishers to get publicity by increasing the rank on Google search. The +1 button plays a key role in search engine optimization (SEO), determining the rank of the post in Google search.

“We’ve begun to roll out a set of changes that will make the button render up to 3x faster on your site. “No action is required on your part, so just sit back, relax, and watch as the button loads more quickly than before,” software engineer David Byttow wrote in a blog post.

The +1 button like the Facebook's 'Like' button and the Twitters 'Tweet' button, asks for your approval on a post, but this button connects you with the world’s biggest search engine and you get associated with the link “in search, on ads, and across the web,” according to the company.

Google has also introduced a new asynchronous snippet, which helps loading the page faster, as it functions while the browser downloads the +1 JavaScript.

“To implement the button, you’ll need to update the code to the new async snippet, and then you should see an overall improvement in your page load time,” read the blog post.