The Galaxy Nexus has finally arrived in the U.S on the Verizon network, but this time missing one of the phone's most anticipated features: the Google Wallet.  

Different hacking codes and instructions have been circulating the Web since the phone was released last week. Many of these were either hoaxes or simply too difficult for the average user to apply.

The XDA-Developers have come up with a simple solution that can be installed in one simple app.  

First the app--Google Wallet APK-- must be downloaded. Users must first enable apps from outside sources, which can be done by checking the unknown sources' box under applications.

A file explorer such as And Explorer is also required to locate the app once it has been downloaded onto the phone.

Once the app is found it can be put into any directory on the phone, which opens up in the browser and gives full instructions for installation. Android Central has confirmed that the app works.

The Google Wallet allows shoppers to make purchases and use coupons online with their phones. Upon check out all customers need to do is sign on and click the Buy Button. The virtual wallet can also be used in-stores that have pay-pass symbols and with one simple tap from phone to reader, hundreds of purchases can be made.

Verizon asked us not to include this functionality in the product, a Google spokesperson told Reuters, declining to give further details.

Verizon has already teamed up with AT&T, T-Mobile and Isis in a joint venture that will supply a digital payment service, similar to that of the Google wallet. It is therefore unlikely that Google's wallet will be found on phones outside of the Sprint carrier in the U.S.

Google Wallet has already announced partners including Sprint, MasterCard and Citibank. They are still working on partnering up with Visa and American Expresses as well as other carrier partners and banks.

Consumers have been skeptical about security measures within the Google Wallet, but Google ensures that all precautions have been taken. The wallet requires you to set up a PIN, which must be entered every time a purchase is carried out. The secure encryption technology of MasterCard PayPass protects  payment card credentials as they are transferred from the phone to the contactless reader, making the wallet just as safe as using an ordinary card.