On Tuesday, Google announced the Pixel, Pixel XL, Google Home and the Daydream VR View. The company also unveiled Google WiFi, the company’s new router that’s designed to maximize home network speed and coverage.

Google WiFi looks very much like any other WiFi router, but the set-up process is made much more user-friendly as it ensures excellent coverage throughout the user’s home. In order to take advantage of the router’s features, users will have to set up around three units of Google WiFi.

All three devices must be placed around the user’s home, and all three of them will connect to one another automatically. The three routers will be able to provide users with the strongest connection possible no matter where they are at home. The tech behind this is what Google calls Network Assist, which works in the background to optimize the user’s connection, according to GSMArena.

Google WiFi Suggested floor plan for placing Google WiFi units at home to maximize network coverage. Photo: Google

The fully automatic features of Google WiFi is already impressive, but users can also manually configure the network connection by themselves via the device’s companion app for iOS and Android devices. The app also gives users access to other features like limiting the connection of one device or more. There’s also parental controls, so users can stop their children from accessing the WiFi network.

Probably one of the most endearing thing about Google WiFi is its price. A single unit only costs $129, while a bundle of three only sells for $299. This is a lot more affordable than Eero’s bundle of three which costs $499, according to ZDNet.

Google WiFi is also cheaper than most of its rival routers from OnHub, Asus and TP-Link without being less powerful. That being said, Google WiFi also works for OnHub routers, as pointed out by CNET. This means that users will be able to connect Google WiFi to their OnHub router at home to expand WiFi coverage.

Google Wifi will start shipping in December, and preorders are slated to open in November. The new router will exclusively be available in the United States with no word yet on an international release. It will be available to purchase from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and the Google Store.

Google WiFi Google will be opening up a popup shop—called "Made by Google"—in New York City later this month. Photo: Google