Google+ (or Google Pus), the social networking site of the search engine giant that launched two weeks ago and got off on a flying start, is expecting to make changes this week while it is still on the Beta phase.

On his Google+ page, Vic Gundotra, senior vice president of engineering at Google, wrote asking his followers to look for changes this week.

“Lots of criticism for Google+. We are listening and working to address. Stay tuned for changes this week,” posted Gundotra this morning.

Prior to this post, Gundotra made an apology for Google, which spammed its users on Saturday - an accident caused due to a disk space shortage problem. Fans at large reacted forgivingly to his sincere apology, but some pointed out the flaws in the current system.

Gundotra did not specify what were the criticisms and what will be included in this week’s changes.

A Technology Business Research analyst Ezra Gottheli, who also praised Google’s act of acknowledging criticisms, expects Google to tackle its invites and notification systems, as Computerworld reported.

In addition, over 300 people have commented on Gundotra’s post and shared their thoughts on what changes should be made.

Some of the complaints included topics relating to circles, collapsing comments, android apps, and glitches with instant photo upload.

“I only have one complaint. I want a circle that doesn't show up in my stream,” wrote Amar Rajvanshi.

Two things I would love to see is improvements on the Android app such as reading sparks and being able to +1 comments, Andrew Walberg posted.

Collapsing comments in steam would be very useful (and preferably without having to scroll up), commented Christopher Hampson.

What changes would you like to see in Google+? Leave your comments below.