Google Inc, in talks with Internet portal Yahoo Inc, is hoping that it can strike an advertising deal, according to a report.

We have been talking to Yahoo and we are very excited to be working with them, Google co-founder Sergey Brin told reporters before the company's annual shareholders meeting, according to the Associated Press. We share a lot of values with them.

Brin and Google Chairman and chief executive would not indicate how far along the talks with Yahoo are. Recently, Google and Yahoo successfully completed a limited test-run of Google text ads on the portal's site.

An expanded partnership would draw the attention of anti-trust regulators as the companies hold the top two spots in advertising market share in the U.S. A partnership would help Yahoo, which has been struggling with its proprietary advertising system.

If there were a deal (with Yahoo), we would anticipate structuring the deal to address the antitrust concerns that have been widely discussed, Schmidt said.

Shares of Google were up $4.01, or 0.69 percent to close at $583.01 on Thursday.