Another Google Inc. offering is getting a facelift. The overhaul promises a cleaner interface and the introduction of an array of new features in Gmail, Google’s free email service.

News of Gmail's makeover came from Google watchers at the Google Operating System blog, which allegedly released a private video hosted on Google’s YouTube channel. Reportedly, the video was accidentally leaked on YouTube this week. Although Google immediately removed the video, it was already downloaded and re-uploaded on the Google-owned video service.

“Oops, you weren’t supposed to see that,” Gmail representative Andrea Freund told CNET.

However, the video reveals the new Gmail interface will have innovative features such as an action bar using not text labels but icons, profile pictures next to contacts, a whole new interface for conversations, resizable chat/label sections, an updated search box that includes advanced options, a flexible layout to adapt to any window size, display density options as in Google Docs, and new high-definition themes.

Google’s attempt to bring a bevy of cosmetic and technical upgrades to the service appear consistent with the style of its social networking site Google+, and this attempt will may improve the user experience, experts believe.

The launch of the overhauled Gmail service has not yet been announced by Google, but could, potentially, happen very soon!

Check out the new Gmail below.