Google wants to know, what do you love?

A new search engine from the Google+ makers called simply What do you Love? invites users to input their favorite thing, so that Google can tell the users all about it.

The engine, which at first looks like Google's simple homepage, aggregates all of the Google functions that users have come to love, such as News, Images, Maps, Calendar and even YouTube.

Typing in pizza, for example, brings up books about the food, a 3D pizza box, local pizza places on Googlemaps, government patents, pictures, and even how to translate the word into 57 languages (it's pizza in every one of them). All of the various results are displayed on a single page, broken into boxes.

A while back, a few of us wanted to make a little tool that we could use to show just about anybody more of what Google makes. That led to some simple ideas, and then a few more ideas and ultimately, to a challenge: how we could connect people to products they might not know about and may find useful, but make the discovery relevant to them and keep it fun, a Google blogger said in a post.

Playing about with that challenge produced a website-What Do You Love?-that we hope meets at least some of the challenge by demonstrating how different Google products can show you different things about any particular search query.

The advantages are obvious. With Pizza, instead of simply finding the nearest slice, you can find the nearest slice and see a news story on Man kicked out of Pizza Hut for wearing a dress.

There are a million possibilities of things you can search for, but one thing you can't is porn. Try it. As of the time of publication, it is safe for work.

So what does Google love most?

For some reason, the results for cheese always crack us up, Google said.