Google, which makes most of its revenue from search-based advertisements, is coming up with new ways to search faster, to enrich its internet applications.

Google has speeded up its search by introducing Google Instant, which can identify the link which the user wants to use and fetches its data, even before the user clicks on the link and is expected to save 2 to 5 seconds on search query time.

It has also unveiled Google Voice search and Google search by image, which will be available to the Chrome users initially.

The voice search allows user to search by speaking words. Currently, it only responds to English language, but it’s soon going to support other languages as well.

The Search By Image can be done by dragging and dropping a sample picture in the search engine box. However Google has said that it would not support face recognition technology.

With the growing traffic of mobile search, Google has added new update to mobile as well.

Google has also added shortcuts to make it easier for people to search for coffee shops, ATMs, gas stations, restaurants and bars around them right on the homepage.

When you click on bar, for example, a search page will load and you will see a map with a blue marker in it, which will indicate where you are and surrounding markers pinpointing nearby bars.