GoPro is celebrating Felix Baumgartner's historic freefall from space in their Super Bowl ad. The 30-second clip features Baumgartner getting ready to jump from the stratosphere as part of the Red Bull Stratos project.

"Go Pro: Red Bull Statos - Super Bowl Commercial 2014"

Felix Baumgartner climbed 128,100 feet (24 miles) above the surface of the Earth in a helium balloon on Oct. 14, 2012, the culmination of five years of planning and training by the Austrian skydiver and the Red Bull team. Baumgartner jumped from a small capsule and during his freefall in which he reached supersonic speeds. According to Red Bull, Baumgartner became the first man to break the speed of sound during a freefall and reached an estimated speed of 833.9 miles per hour. The total jump lasted 9:09 minutes and Baumgartner spent 4:22 minutes in freefall. 

"The exit was perfect but then I started spinning slowly. I thought I'd just spin a few times and that would be that, but then I started to speed up. It was really brutal at times. I thought for a few seconds that I'd lose consciousness. I didn't feel a sonic boom because I was so busy just trying to stabilize myself. We'll have to wait and see if we really broke the sound barrier. It was really a lot harder than I thought it was going to be," said Baumgartner after the freefall.

Every moment of Baumgartner's freefall was captured using seven GoPro Hero2 cameras. Several views, including a POV video from Baumgartner's head cam, have been released of the freefall and GoPro's Super Bowl ad is accompanied by a longer feature covering the event.

The GoPro Super Bowl ad feature, "Go Pro: Red Bull Stratos - The Full Story," is an 8-minute look at Baumgartner's historic jump, including multiple camera views of the freefall, and can be viewed below.