It is no secret that “Gotham” Season 3 is going to present a grown-up version of Poison Ivy. Clare Foley made her last appearance as the younger version of Ivy during the premiere episode, and she got into an accident while trying to escape Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) and her thugs.

When the second episode, titled “Burn the Witch,” airs on Monday, Maggie Geha will take over the role of Poison Ivy. For a 15-year-old to be suddenly transformed into a 22-year-old, the changes can be quite overwhelming. But Geha told Comic Book that Poison Ivy isn’t the least bit concerned. In fact, she even likes the changes.

“Little Ivy has been changed, she's been morphed into big Ivy. She doesn't really know what happened to her, but she likes it,” Geha said.

Producer Ken Woodruff even noted that “she's going to be able to seduce” now that she’s developed physically.

Meanwhile, Carmen Bicondova, who plays Selina Kyle in the series, told Variety that her character won’t like Poison Ivy’s transformation a single bit.

“The roles will change, from Ivy’s perspective – it’s not that Selina looked down on Ivy, but Selina’s older than her; she feels this older sister connection to Ivy. So when the new Ivy arrives, she’s older than Selina, and I don’t think it’s going to go well for Selina,” she said.

Another thing that Selina won’t like is Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) taking their relationship to the next level. Bicondova said in an earlier interview that Selina doesn’t know how to address her feelings for Bruce, so once he starts making his moves, she’ll feel uncomfortable about it.

"She’s definitely weirded out by [Bruce's new approach], because she’s starting to feel certain emotions that she’s never felt before,” she said.