The Harlem man accused of planning to bomb government buildings in New York and New Jersey will have his day in court, just not yet. Prosecutors and defense attorneys have agreed to postpone the having a grand jury weigh in on the case for the time being.

Jose Pimentel was scheduled to learn whether he will be indicted on Monday. However, his defense attorney Lori Cohen said the legal deadline had been postponed for a month.

Both parties agree that this is not the case to rush into the grand jury on, she said in an email, according to the Associated Press. In the meantime, Pimentel, 27, will remain behind bars until under charges of terrorism, conspiracy and various other weapons charges.  

A person charged with a felony cannot be detained without an indictment for more than 144 hours, unless both sides agree to extend the deadline. Cohen continued to tell the Associated Press that she need more time to gather information, which is one of the few cases to be brought up under state terrorism laws.