Rockstar Games officially announced that they will be releasing Grand Theft Auto V, the latest title in their multimillion dollar crime video game series. They left a very short message on their website revealing they will present a trailer to the public on Nov. 2.

Much of the reports regarding the game are simply speculation. Rockstar has not revealed any details about the game. It is anyone's guess where the game will take place, who the main character is or what he or she may look like, and what adventure the story will revolve around.

Since there is no word from the company, The Guardian suggested that the game's release could coincide with the release of the next generation of Xbox and PlayStation units.

However, what is certain is the amount of hype this game will receive from fans and critics alike.

It was reported that in March, Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar, held auditions for an unnamed project.  The auditions were for a wide variety of charaters including, ranging from high profile gangsters to movie agents. Websites such as such as Kotaku began to wonder if it is possible for a Hollywood setting for the Grand Theft Auto's newest installment. Rockstar has declined to comment regarding the casting calls insisting they were hard at work on other projects.

Grand Theft Auto has been a major franchise in the video game world. Since its release on the original PlayStation in 1997, there have been over 114 million units of the games sequels sold. The most recent installment, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, sold over 22 million copies since its release in 2008.