Exit polls indicate that Greece's extreme right-wing, anti-immigration Golden Dawn Party has won enough votes in Sunday’s elections to enter Parliament according to the Associated Press.

Golden Dawn, which seeks to deport illegal immigrants from Greece, needed at least 5 percent of the electorate, in order to have representation in parliament.

Polls also suggest that the conservative New Democracy party, as expected, is leading the polls. But, in a stunning upset, SYRIZA, a coalition of left-wing parties, is in second place.

In the event the Socialist PASOK party fails to win enough votes to finish second (and thereby form a coalition government with ND), the status Greece’s financial bailout agreements with the European Union could be jeopardized.

Golden Dawn is opposed to the EU-IMF bailout, but does not currently want Greece seek to exit from the euro zone.

The party's principal focus is to expel all illegal immigrants from the county, and has even proposed placing land mines placed on the Greek-Turkish border to prevent other illegal immigrants from entering the country.

Partly leader Nikos Michaloliakos has said he thinks second-generation immigrants born in Greece should be allowed to stay in the county, but should not have the right to vote nor stand for political office.