“Every action has an equal and opposite attraction,” Dr. Meredith Grey began "Grey's Anatomy" episode 23, “Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right.” And that quote seemed to be the theme of the second to last episode of the season, starting with the very first scene.

The anticipated episode opened with Meredith and Derek chatting online via videocam. While Mer stuffed her face with scrumptious pancakes that Amelia so graciously made, Derek broke the news to his wife the he wouldn’t be accompanying her on a surgery this afternoon. But Meredith didn’t seem too upset – especially when she had a forkful of fluffy goodness.

And Mer wasn’t the only one getting her fill of food. It looks like the interns are so freaked out over who is getting fired that some of them have taken to burgers for comfort, specifically Leah. Others, however, are breaking out in some serious stress-caused rashes. We’re itchy just looking at them scratch!

While the residents try to figure out a plan to save their skins, Dr. Cristina Yang is looking for someone to replace her at the hospital per Owen’s request.

“It’s a punishment. It’s like making you clean the apartment you’re vacating,” Meredith said.

“No. Owen knows this is the right move for me. He’s been nothing but supportive,” Cristina rebutted.

Meredith shook her head and predicted, “Something’s coming. I can feel it in my bones.”

If that something was a lawsuit from a pair of angry parents, then Meredith was spot on! Apparently, Dr. Bailey went against the wishes of a pair of parents and gave their ill son a stem cell transplant. Their reaction? Pretty angry. They want Bailey’s head on a platter and her license, too. Dr. Owen can’t believe Bailey could do something with such heavy legal consequences. But she insists she went through “the board” (i.e. Cristina) first. When asked if she apologized, Bailey nearly lost it.

“I chose not to honor their wishes. There was no mistake,” the ruthless Dr. Bailey said.

But that’s not the only drama going on in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Alex is plotting to steal a patient from Arizona, with reasons yet unknown. And unfortunately, Ross has found himself smack dab in the middle of their feud.

As Cristina interviews countless clearly qualified candidates, she gets interrupted by Owen, asking about her previous talk with Bailey. Cristina says she can’t recall her name, even from a conversation she had hours ago. Owen says it’s for the best if she stays out of the debacle and gives Cristina one last piece of interviewing advice.

“Go easy on these guys. They can’t all be you.”

Meredith puts the pieces together and figures out that Owen is purposely showing Cristina candidates she doesn’t like so that she’ll take the position. Cristina clearly thinks her Twister Sister is – well, twisted. But we think Mer is onto something.

“Is Owen the one plotting to keep me here or are you?” Cristina asked.

Meanwhile, Callie, Jo and April are experiencing their own drama. The three keep butting heads throughout episode 23, but eventually April admits to Callie the reason she’s being difficult to work with: She can’t be in a room at the same time an X-ray is being taken, which is when Callie puts the pieces together – she’s pregnant.

April admits she’s 10 weeks along with the pregnancy, and Callie responds by crying.

“Those tears aren’t for me, are they? There’s a reason you’re a grumpus,” April said, using the coined word that pushes Callie’s buttons.

“We’re trying to have another baby. I can’t carry another baby,” Callie revealed to April. Turns out, April was the first person Callie opened up to – even before Arizona.

In episode 23, Amelia apologizes to Meredith for being a “b****.” Her words, not mine! Meredith says that she’s already forgotten her sister-in-law snapping at her and that she doesn’t want to keep Amelia out of her life. That’s when Derek’s sister reveals the reason she and her significant other are having issues isn’t because she’s unhappy in Seatle – it’s because she never wants to leave! Looks like Amelia is here to stay, folks!

Throughout the entire episode there was on moment that made us feel uneasy – the sphincter dilemma. A young cancer survivor (and dancer) can’t stop flatulating and it’s affecting her career, her romance and her life! Thankfully, intern Leah figured out a method that could help the patient’s problem: a magnetic butthole.

One problem solved, one to go! The parent’s of the adorable little bubble boy are still pretty peeved that Bailey toyed with their son’s life.

“She won’t practice medicine ever again,” the father said, adding that if their son had died he would put Bailey behind bars.

That’s when Stephanie steps in and takes one for the team. She says she’s the one who should be punished because “she forgot” to inform Bailey of the parent’s wishes, which is a lie. The father has a meltdown. His screams are overshadowed when his wife calls him over to embrace his son.

“Maybe we should just go home,” the wife and son insist.

As the episode came to an end, we learned a few things through the final moments:

- Amelia wants to end her relationship and move to Seattle.

- Stephanie was suspended for a week due to her admission. Bailey vowed to protect her from getting fired.

- And we find out who really was let go from Grey Sloan.

Richard congratulates Leah for a job well done but reveals that she’s not fit to be a surgeon. He explains she’s lagging behind the other residents and will only fall further.

“I can do better,” she pleaded. But Richard has already made up his mind. He attempts to soothe her by setting up a potential gig at a research facility. Leah seems heartbroken.

Fans also get to see Meredith’s prophecy come true by the end of episode 23.

“Please don’t offer me this job,” Cristina says to Owen, who admits that was his intention all along.

“I know you have to go. And I know nothing good can come from me asking you to stay. So, I’m not.”

Cristina thanks him, and the two end up celebrating her final decision with a steamy makeout session.

“Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right” finishes with Derek finally coming home. He informs Meredith that the two of them need to take a “next step” like Cristina. But it looks like he actually means take a marathon! He wants Meredith to pick up and move with him to D.C., where he was just offered a position.

“The thing about the bold moves? -- They’re terrifying,” Meredith said, adding that is what also makes them so exciting.