McDreamy might be missing from the Season 11 finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” (due to Derek’s [Patrick Dempsey] heartbreaking death in episode 21) but actor James Pickens, Jr., who portrays Dr. Webber on the ABC series, promised fans that the Derek-less finale wouldn’t disappoint viewers in the slightest. Phew! That’s a relief.

On Thursday morning, Pickens, Jr. and Chandra Wilson, who plays the little but fierce Dr. Bailey on the series, paid the ladies of “The View” a visit to discuss the forthcoming episode of the medical drama titled “You’re My Home.” The co-hosts of the morning show questioned if the Season 11 finale would be just as thrilling as the previous ones, considering Dempsey’s beloved character wouldn’t be starring in the anticipated installment.

Pickens, Jr. responded to the question by asking if the finales have ever left fans unsatisfied over the course of eleven seasons, which is when the co-hosts responded, "No."

“So, there’s your answer!” the actor replied.

But we understand the concerns viewers have regarding the finale -- specifically because Dempsey, a major character from the Shonda Rhimes series, will be notably absent in the major episode. However, the remainder of the cast seemed confident that the show will continue to thrive and progress, even without the handsome neurosurgeon.

“We keep trying to stay current,” Wilson said, “Keep the story moving.”

And apparently Dempsey is trying to move on, too. During an interview with E! Online, Sarah Drew revealed that her former co-worker has been quite busy since he left the show.

"If you follow him on Twitter you know that he's enjoying time with his kids and he's racing and he's having a ball. So we're so happy for him to move on,” the actress stated.

Actress Kelly McCreary added that not only will they miss Dempsey's beloved character Derek Shepherd, but they’ll also “miss the love story between him and Meredith [Ellen Pompeo].”

“We're really looking forward to seeing how Meredith grows and changes and transforms and how all the doctors in the hospital react to a core member of their team being lost,” she said when discussing how the story line would continue without Dempsey’s involvement.

Do you have high hopes for the Season 11 finale of “Grey’s Anatomy”? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts on how Dempsey’s absence might effect the final episode and don't forget to tune in to "You're My Home" on Thursday at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.