Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is taking charge! The surgeon will enter her first day as Chief of Surgery, a position she was awarded in the Season 12 premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy,” when the hit ABC series airs episode 2, titled “Walking Tall,” Thursday, Oct. 1.

But, of course, Bailey’s big day as the new chief will come with its obstacles – potentially viral obstacles. In a sneak-peek video for episode 2, Bailey forces April (Sarah Drew) into confinement after Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) uncovers a mysterious rash that has developed on her friend’s back.

“I have a rash. It’s a stupid rash. You’re completely overreacting,” April says as Bailey locks her away in a bubble. But the new chief isn’t taking any chances on her first day with the new gig.

“Kepner, you have liaisons, a cough, a fever. You were in the Middle East!” Bailey rebuttals. “This is my first day running this place," Bailey says. "There will be no epidemics today!”

But there will be relationship drama. The synopsis for “Walking Tall” teases that April will be “unable to address” her marital problems with Jackson (Jesse Williams), who she left for three months to pursue a job with the military, while locked away in a plastic bubble.

Meanwhile, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) will “struggle to juggle all her responsibilities,” the summary says, adding that Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) “works to define her relationship with Owen.”

In one of the very last scenes from the Season 12 premiere, fans watched (on the edge of our seat might I add) as Owen (Kevin McKidd) walked Amelia to her door. See, Meredith had left her sister at the hospital (due to a fight), forcing Owen to drive the neurosurgeon home. But before Amelia was able to slip inside her house, Owen grabbed her face and kissed her. Maggie (Kelly McCreary) then ran out of the house, disturbing the moment, and pulled Amelia in to reconcile things with Meredith.

Do you think April and Jackson can mend their relationship? Should Owen and Amelia give their fling another whirl? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts and don’t forget to tune in to “Grey’s Anatomy” Thursday nights at 8 p.m EDT on ABC.