Could this be the end of Japril? During the 2015 Television Critics Association summer press tour, “Grey’s Anatomy” showrunner Shonda Rhimes revealed the surprising news that April (Sarah Drew) will make the decision to return to the Army instead of staying in Seattle with Jackson (Jesse Williams) when Season 12 premieres in the fall. This left fans of the long-running medical drama in a tizzy, questioning the relationship status of the highly shipped couple.

Viewers will remember from the Season 11 finale that Jackson gave April the ultimatum that if she was to continue her military work in Jordan then he wouldn’t be there for her when she returned home.

“If I go, then we’re done? You’re calling it?” she questioned her husband.

So, now that it’s revealed April has opted to go overseas, is it safe to say that Jackson and his wife are officially broken up? While we initially thought Rhimes’ admission was a death sentence for the couple we loved so much, the showrunner recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the fate of Japril is still up in the air.

“They are in a difficult spot now,” Rhimes revealed. “April’s really changed and she’s really done this thing that’s not necessarily the best thing for their marriage and Jackson’s not happy about it. Does that mean it’s over? And does she accept that it’s over?”

Sounds pretty dark. But Rhimes promised viewers that Season 12 would take on a much lighter tone following the Season 11's gloom.

“Because this is a lighter season, we found funny ways to tell what’s a very emotional story — more of a charming way to tell an emotional story, but it is still emotional and they are still figuring it out. April is fighting for things to be better. I honestly haven’t decided how it’s going to turn out. I love them together, so we’ll see.”

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