There’s been a lot of speculation about when exactly New York City-based studio Rockstar Games will launch its next update, but if history is a guide it will happen tomorrow as video game fair gamescom kicks off in Germany.

Rockstar (NASDAQ: TTWO) always launches updates and downloadable content on Tuesdays, but a new video by trusted gaming video blogger DomisLive questions if the update will be delayed due to the increasing number of in-game "money glitching," where people are illegally giving out large amounts of in-game cash to other players.

Downloadable content, or DLC, is additional content for a video game that’s available online by the game’s publisher or a third party.

“If Rockstar catches you on a forum saying here’s my gamer tag, give me money, there’s a pretty good chance Rockstar will get you banned. People gotta report you and you’re pretty much banned,” DomisLive said.

The YouTuber also warned players that Rockstar’s latest mission to crack down on cheaters could delay its next update, which he believes could launch tomorrow.

“Modded lobbies are back, and it could affect DLC. There’s either two scenarios. Either DLC will be delayed because of the modded lobbies, or we could see it coming out on Tuesday, then Rockstar comes out with a patch.”

The “GTA” enthusiast went on to explain how he and other YouTubers were able to obtain in-game leaks.

“I could see Rockstar delaying DLC one more week to try to get these fixes out, because of the  glitched money, or I could see them just releasing the DLC on Tuesday, and we’ll see a patch come next week. When Rockstar decides to patch the game, they have to wait around a week for Sony and Microsoft to review that patch. That’s why were able to see what’s coming, they have to submit that content to Sony or Microsoft. That’s how we’re able to leak this information.”

There’s no word on what Rockstar’s next update may contain, but many fans are hopeful that heists will be included, which were promised earlier this spring.

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