This past weekend, screenshots from an alleged new interface for Sony’s PlayStation 4 appeared online, and they drew notice for  a number of reasons. First, the images were impressive, indicating a big improvement in the largely-criticized PS4 interface, and second, Sony rarely leaks PS4 news, so the authenticity of the images were immediately questioned on sites like Reddit and NeoGAF.

One screenshot showed 2013 shooter "Killzone: Shadow Fall" with a "rating pending" icon, while a second image showed a player earning a trophy for eliminating a boss outside the battle's usual location.

The screenshots suggest that users will be able to engage in a number of new activities on Sony's device, like categorizing their games and apps into folders, just like on a computer or mobile phone. Obviously, this feature would make finding games more convenient, especially if you’ve downloaded a high number of titles to your hard drive.

The update will also make some alterations to game invites and trophies, bringing smaller notifications and the level of trophy indicated by a silver, gold or platinum border around its icon.

Following the leak, a Sony employee stated the images weren’t real on Reddit, leaving many PlayStation 4 owners upset. The eighth-generation console launched last November, and Sony hasn’t been producing the type of improvements that fans want to see.

“Simply the fact, that this has been a rumor clearly shows that people aren't satisfied with the things how they are,” Reddit user h-salamanca said. “Since it is just a fake and no real mockups have been leaked so far, it gives me the impression that Sony doesn't have anything up their sleeve. This doesn't surprise me, because one thing is for sure: SONY IS SUPER SLOW in innovating and improving its software. It always has been and hopefully won't stay like that for this generation.”

There’s a chance the Sony employee isn’t sure if the new UI is real. There’s also a chance the update could be authentic and we were seeing a mock-up of the new interface. What do you think? Should Sony improve the UI for the PS4?