While "Grand Theft Auto 5"  has so far only been confirmed to launch Sept. 17 on PS3 and Xbox 360, this tweet from an official Sony Twitter account excited fans when it apparently seemed to indicate that GTA 5 was also coming to next-gen consoles like the PS4.


Neither Sony nor the game's publisher and developer Rockstar have made any official announcements about the title coming to the PS4, and at least a couple of fans suspected Sony accidentally leaked the news. Online gamer's guide Kotaku initially spotted Sony's mistweet.


Sony later apologized for the gaffe and issued this response:


Despite Sony's apology, a GTA 5 PS4 release makes too much sense for it not to eventually happen (the same could be said for the development of big-name titles like "Starcraft 2" and "Diablo 3"). Although Blizzard took years to announce that those games were in development, their predecessors generated too much money for the titles not to be made. Conversely, it would make no sense for GTA 5 not to be made for PS4 and Xbox One because they would generate tons of revenue.

What do you think? Do you think that Sony leaked a GTA 5 release for PS4 or did the company simply make a mistake? Sound off in the comments below.