Just when fans and players of “Grand Theft Auto IV” have already settled with the idea that the PC version is never getting another update, Rockstar Games announced out of the blue that it is rolling out a new patch for the 8-year-old game. 

On Wednesday, game publisher Rockstar Games revealed that it has a new PC patch, called Patch 8, for “GTA V’s” predecessor. This patch is something that many fans have been craving for because it brings support for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. Since many PCs are already running these operating systems, it’s just right that the famous installment in the “GTA” franchise becomes compatible with the three Windows OS. 

Based on the changelog of the new patch, “GTA IV” will now show the “WTV270” error code when the PC is having problems connecting to Windows Live Sign in Assistant or Games for Windows Live Servers. The patch also adds the Display Controller image in the Controller Configuration.

Rockstar may have also listened to the complaints of the game’s players because the patch contains fixes for certain bugs that affect the user experience. For example, the bug that hampers players from completing the “Out of Commission” mission when frame rate is over 60fps has been crushed. The bug that affects the “Resource Usage” indicator on over 2GB of VRAM graphics cards has also been addressed. 

The patch also has an answer to the bug that is distracting the map crosshair on certain resolutions and the other one that affects “Brief” menu text scrolling. The “drawlist overflow” that tends to crash has also been fixed.  

Though the patch does not bring major changes, it is still a noteworthy addition to the title since it has not received a new patch in six years. Fans of the franchise have even jumped to “GTA V” ever since the sequel was released in 2013, as per GearNuke