In February, Rockstar Games hinted that a heists DLC update for “GTA Online” was coming soon. However, thanks to a player hack, heists may already be playable.

On Feb. 10, YouTube user Mark Rosette Ecb, aka RelictGriefing, uploaded some leaked gameplay of “GTA” multiplayer heists. The video showed “GTA” mods that made heists playable -- even though Rockstar hadn’t released the update yet.

Though the video appeared to be somewhat buggy, players were still hopeful that heists would soon reach “GTA Online,” which launched last year.

Now, “GTA” fans seem to be tired of waiting for the NYC-based developer to bring heists into the game -- so, they’re creating their own. The following video was uploaded to YouTube channel LetsPlay on March 25 and has already garnered more than 1.2 million views. Though the entire heist takes longer than 30, minutes, it’s still pretty impressive.

As more time passes, gamers are growing more impatient -- when will heists be available on “GTA Online?” Are you getting tired of waiting? Leave a comment below or tweet me!