Guillermo del Toro is calling “Crimson Peak” one of his favorite projects in his career thus far. During Universal Picture’s 2015 slate presentation at CinemaCon, the convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners, in Las Vegas on April 23, the legendary horror filmmaker unveiled a new trailer for the horror flick and dished about the forthcoming feature.

“Crimson Peak” centers around a young woman named Edith's (Mia Wasikowska) engagement to Sir Thomas Sharpe, a "seductive stranger" played by Tom Hiddleston. While the 50-year-old director and screenwriter said the film comes off of as a “gothic romance" fans of del Torro’s action-packed and bloody film and television catalogue won’t be turned off by its romantic elements. According to the filmmaker, the movie, which also stars Jessica Chastain as Hiddleton's seemingly sinister big sister Lady Lucille Sharpe, is also intensely “sick and twisted.”

“That’s why I like it,” del Toro quipped.

Not only did del Torro reveal he is “incredibly proud” of the film for its “mostly practical” sets, lack of dependency on digital effects and its “fantastic cast,” he also went as far as to call the film one of his favorites in his personal collection. “[It’s] perhaps one of the movies I am the most proud of,” he said to the audience of exhibitors.

While the film is still in post-production – it is currently scheduled for release this fall – he did share a new trailer with CinemaCon attendees.

“Ghosts are real, this much I know,” Wasikowska’s character Edith says in a voiceover at the start of the trailer. “I’ve seen them my whole life.”

After Edith shares a few sweet scenes with Sir Thomas, she accepts his marriage proposal and moves into his and Lady Lucille’s home, Crimson Peak.

“I don’t think she’s the right choice,” Chastain’s character sinisterly says to her brother.

“There are parts of the house that are unsafe,” she later warns Edith as ghostly creatures can be seen crawling out of the floors and blood drips from a faucet.

“A house as old as this one becomes a living thing,” Hiddleston’s character warns.

After experiencing several paranormal events, it appears Edith has had enough. She tells the brother-sister duo she wants to leave their home, but unfortunately for her, it appears to be too late.

“This is your home now,” Lady Lucille tells her.

“Crimson Peak” also stars Charlie Hunnam as Dr. Alan McMichael. The film debuts in theaters and IMAX on Oct. 16.