The person who murdered Molly Ryan (Rebekah Wainwright) will be revealed in the “Guilt” season finale.

The events in episode 9 appear to be hinting that Prince Theo (Sam Cassidy) is the culprit, but Grace (Daisy Head) is still not off the hook.

Grace underwent hypnosis in order to get the memories of the night Molly was murdered back. Grace told the Memory Revival Specialist that she was angry at Molly for flirting with her boyfriend Luc (Zachary Fall) and that she had wanted to kill her that night. She was relieved to learn, however, that she did not put an end to her friend's life and that it was a man who did it. Grace did not see who it was, though.

Now that Grace's recollection of the night is clear, it appears that there is no one else left to suspect but Prince Theo. Molly's stalker Neville told Grace's sister Natalie (Emily Tremaine) that he saw the car of the murderer and gave her the plate number. After asking Detective Bruno (Cristian Solimeno) to find out who owns the car, they find out that it belongs to Prince Theo's henchman.

While it appears that Prince Theo is the mastermind of the murder, the royalty will not bow down easily, especially after he learnes that Bruno planted evidence in one of his cars.

Meanwhile, Grace is still under custody and her fate will be left in the hands of the jury. However, before court proceedings happen, Natalie and Grace's lawyer Stan (Billy Zane) will do whatever they can in order to find more evidence against Prince Theo. Will they be able to do that before Grace acts on her escape plan?

Will Prince Theo be caught by authorities and proven guilty before Molly's brother Patrick (Kevin Ryan) takes matters into his own hands?