The penultimate episode of “Guilt” season 1 was bad for Grace (Daisy Head). Her trial has started, and things are going against her.

Natalie (Emily Tremaine) asked Neville to testify for Grace only to find him dead. The coroner ruled it a suicide, but Natalie and Detective Bruno (Cristian Solimeno), who was laid off for tampering with evidence in the Donovan Trimbly case, are certain that someone killed him.

Grace's boyfriend, Luc (Zachary Fall), worsened the situation. When prosecutor Gwendolyn Hall (Naomi Ryan) interrogated him, he had no choice but to admit that he said Grace was gone for an hour from the balcony where they were staying at the night of Molly's (Rebecca Wainwright) murder. Gwen also played a recording of Luc and Grace talking about how they would keep their secret no matter what.

If that's not enough, Bruno also adds to Grace's burden. When Grace's lawyer Stan (Billy Zane) asks him if he tampered with evidence in Molly Ryan's case, Bruno decided not to answer. Stan prodded him to say whether he was only blackmailed into doing so, but Bruno still refused. Bruno later told Natalie that he was scared of what might happen to Natalie if he told the truth. Who is he afraid of? One of the murder's biggest suspects: Prince Theo of Wales (Sam Cassidy).

Before the previous episode, it seemed as though it will only be time until it is revealed that it was really Theo who took Molly's life. Now, without witnesses to back Grace, Theo's defense is stronger. Roz's (Simona Brown) admission that Theo was one of the clients at the exclusive underground prostitution ring she works at might still open doors for Grace's freedom, though. That is if the court would actually consider the prince a suspect and try him.

If the court does decide to pursue trying the prince, they would have to do so before Molly's brother Patrick (Kevin Ryan) exacts revenge against him in the season finale, titled “What Did You Do?”

The “Guilt” summer finale will air Aug. 22 on Freeform, at 9 p.m.