Hairtech International agreed to drop the multi-million dollar lawsuit it filed against Paris Hilton, according to a report by OK! Magazine.

A judge ruled the majority of the claims as invalid after Hilton filed her own counterclaim for $1.7 million against the hair extensions distributor's claims.

After this, an agreement was made but details of the settlement remain confidential. According to the report, the famous heiress will not have to pay anything to Hairtech in exchange for the dismissal of its claim.

I'm glad to put this case behind me, said Chris Volek, Hairtech's principal.

It was only after we got into the case that I realized the information I received from others on which I based the lawsuit was not accurate, and I only wish the best for Paris and her family. As I have told her many times, Paris is a true professional and invaluable to the promotion of any product she touches.

Hilton responded by saying I am thrilled with his result and I too wish the best for Chris in his future endeavors. It is certainly not unusual for business people to have their disagreements, but I'm glad that Chris has acknowledged the hard work and dedication I put in to promoting his products.