Is Halle Berry headed to her third wedding?

A rep for jewelry designer Gurhan told People magazine that Olivier Martinez has given her an engagement ring made of diamonds and emeralds, but reps for the two actors have yet to confirm the engagement.

Halle Berry was also spotted with a diamond-an-emerald ring on New Year's Day, E! reported.

However, sources told TMZ that the ring was not a symbol of engagement, but simply a gift.

Martinez and Berry met in 2010 on the set of Dark Tide in South Africa, and have been dating every since.

She has a three-year-old daughter, Nahla, who she has joint-custody of with French Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. They split in 2010.

Before Aubry, Berry was married to baseball player David Justice and singer Eric Benét .

The road to happiness was long and difficult for Berry. In 2002, she told Barbara Walters she almost killed herself in 1997 because her messy divorce from Justice left her so depressed.

The only thing that prevented her from asphyxiating herself in the car was the thought of her mother finding her body.

As I sat there sort of waiting for it to happen, it's almost like I had a flash of that good angel and the bad angel on the shoulder, she said, according to the Telegraph.

Berry married Benét in 2001 but the two divorced in 2003. The singer told People magazine in 2005 the relationship was like the Titanic going down.

Halle came into the relationship with her issues and I came into the relationship definitely with my issues. It was the perfect situation for it to be completely non-conducive to working this out, Benét said.

Then along came Aubry, who Berry met at a Versace photoshoot and began dating in November 2005.  Two years after she had Nahla in March 2008, the two separated and a very public custody battle ensued.

Despite all the heartbreak, people who know the actress say things look really promising with Martinez. A source told Us magazine Berry had given up on being married, but she trusts Olivier. He makes her feel safe. He's a keeper!