As Halloween comes closer, activities like exploring haunted places, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films have naturally increased. And, on Monday, people will cast aside their everyday identities and don temporary -- and scarier -- ones.

Most people are looking for costumes that are both easy to create and fun to wear. Some will settle for comical costumes, while others will pay homage to pop culture. Still others will opt for scary costumes.

Costume ideas, from animal attacks to characters from Hollywood films, are usually classics, and they should include as much detail as possible.

Halloween is the only holiday imbued a bit by the dark side. Some people embrace the dark side through terrifying costumes, scary makeup, and horrifying effects, while others do it via outfits marked not by their ghoulish nature but by their revelations of the horror behind innocence and trust.

Here are the top scary costume ideas for this Halloween.