The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 is all set to hit theaters Nov. 18. But, even before then, the popular characters Bella Swan and Edward Cullen have been showing up as popular disguises this spooky Halloween weekend.

There is one celebrity who appear to have gotten carried away by the vampire craze this year. It's British model and actress Kelly Brook, who recently tweeted a few photos in which she looked like the vampire version of Breaking Dawn's Bella, aka Kristen Stewart. Her boyfriend Thom Evans accompanied her in the photos as Edward.

Brook looked quite convincing in brown corduroy skinnies, a hoodie, and body warmer. However, her rugby star boyfriend Evans was not such a shoo-in as Edward. In an attempt to look like Bella's beloved vampire, he put pale makeup on his toned body.

One of Evan's friends joined the couple as Jacob Black to make up the trio of leading stars. He stripped off his shirt and put on a couple of fake tattoos in an attempt to look like Edward's werewolf rival.

Initially, Brook seemed a bit concerned about her costume and tweeted: My boyfriend is going as Ed Cullen his mate is Jacob! I'm too old to be Bella lol, what to do?

Converse and Corduroy is my idea of Halloween yuk! she continued.

However, she finally turned up as Bella and posted the pictures with the note: Love being Bella.

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