Halo 4, which will be released worldwide on Nov. 6, was undoubtedly one of the biggest revelations at this year's E3 conference. The franchise is considered one of Microsoft's landmark titles for its Xbox console, and fans are eagerly awaiting the shooter-RPG's next chapter.

The development studio behind Halo 4, 343 Industries, has just released a behind-the-scenes video to give players a peek into what's in store for the next game. The video centers on Halo 4 from the developers' perspective, and takes viewers through the excitement and nervousness the team experienced going into E3. There are pieces of gameplay footage scattered throughout, so fans are able to see just what 343 has been working on.

This is our big debut, we've been working three and a half years on this, said a member of the team in the video.

In addition to this insider clip, the 343 team has also released more details on enemies that players will encounter in Halo 4. In the second part of Meet Your Halo Enemies, Jessica Shea of 343 delved into an entirely new creature: the Promethean Crawlers.

The Prometheans are a powerful and mysterious element of the ancient Forerunner Warrior-Servants whose forebears fell from power following the Human- Forerunner War, she wrote, according to Gamezone. Some of the remaining Prometheans appear to be tasked with defending the mysterious alien world we've recently shown you, along with its payload of terrifying secrets and emerging threats.

Shea guaranteed that this new breed of enemy would bring a fresh challenge for players.

Much like the Covenant, the Prometheans feature a variety of different unit types, each one utilizing unique tactics, technology, and abilities to create dynamic combat scenarios unlike anything you have encountered in Halo before, she said.

Other enemies to appear in Halo 4 include Unnggoy and the Grunts, which were also in previous Halo titles. The new Crawlers come in different types, a basic unit, a more heavily armed unit and a long-range unit. The heavily-armed Crawler is said to be tougher and more likely to charge in melee attacks. The long-range version of this enemy specializes in sniping from a distance.

Killing them is like popping bubble wrap, Shea also noted. Until there's a thousand of them. Then it's deadly bubble wrap.

Check out the video below to see the behind-the-scenes glimpse at what 343 has been working on.