Tattoo artist Whitmill who had sued over Ed Helms' tattoo design used in the movie Hangover 2, has finally settled his lawsuit.

The design had resembled boxing champion Mike Tyson's original facial tattoo.

The tattoo on actor Ed Helms' face featured prominently in the blockbuster movie Hangover 2, released recently and the problem started when the tattoo was used without permission in the movie.

Hangover 2 has earned more than $28.6 million at the Australian box office, the highest grosser of the year.

Warner Bros. spokesman Paul McGuire said Monday the movie studio and S. Victor Whitmill had amicably resolved their dispute. McGuire declined to discuss the case further, an AP report said.

In the movie, Helms' character is shown waking up in a Bankok bathtub with a facial tattoo. The tattoo has been carried by Helms throughout the movie.The tattoo was also featured prominently in the trailers of the movie.

Whitmill, who now lives near Waynesville, in south-central Missouri claimed the film-makers ripped off the design that he tattooed on Tyson in 2003 in Las Vegas.

The lawsuit filed in federal court in St. Louis tried to block the film's release, but a judge ruled just two days before the film's May 26 debut that it could open as scheduled, the report said.