Hank Williams Jr.'s new song, Keep the Change, was posted on his Web site Tuesday.

Hank Williams Jr. posted his new song, Keep the Change, on his Web site Tuesday and appeared on The View, the week after his controversial analogy of President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler led to his disassociation with ESPN.

In his song, he blasts ESPN and Fox, on which he made the original comments that immediately led ESPN to pull his song All My Rowdy Friends from their opening Monday Night Football montage.

The video, posted on his site and on YouTube on Tuesday, and it has lyrics so you can sing along even the first time of many you'll want to listen to it.

In the song, he refers to the United States as the United Socialist States of America. Get it? USSA? Like USSR? Actually, no clue if he meant to do that.

He also accused Fox & Friends, the Fox News program on which he appeared last week, of gotcha journalism.

You can keep 'Fox & Friends' and ESPN outta your homes too, Williams sings. Cause Bocephus and all his rowdy friends and song is outta there!!! Yes sir!

Meanwhile, Williams went on The View Tuesday on ABC, which, of course, is owned by Disney along with ESPN. And, of course, he took to bashing Disney on his appearance.

The bottom line, folks, is Mickey is a mean mouse, Williams said on the show.

When asked about the comparison of Obama to Hitler, Williams said, I'm not smart enough. Hey, maybe he's turning a corner here.

Oh, wait. Then he said he, Disney and ESPN were history. Kind of like the Spanish-American War.

Here's his new song, Keep the Change: