"Happy Birthday Beyoncé" was one of the highest trending topics on Twitter for the former Destiny's Child's 31st birthday, but not everyone is wishing the singer well.

Fans from around the world took to the mini-blogosphere to tweet to the multi Grammy-award winning superstar.

Beyoncé may not be an avid Twitter like other popular singers, but word that her fans are wishing her well for the Virgo's 31st birthday are sure to get back to her.

Even Justin Bieber gave the Queen B a shout out writing, "oooohh yeah. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEYONCE!"

Her admirers wrote:

@ciarajane_ tweeted, "Happy birthday Beyoncè you beautiful specimen."

"happy birthday beyonce . from a proud Virgo . we breed the greats," wrote @ExoticBOMB

"Today in 1981 a legend was born....Happy Birthday Beyoncé," @iamjustkyle shared.

"Happy Birthday Beyonce. Such a beautiful women!" @barcasam7LFC tweeted.

"Happy birthday Beyonce Knowles you bad bad bxtch," @Cj_Ward posted.

A faux Katy Perry account wrote, "Happy Birthday Beyonce ♥ #HaveFunFun"

But those who are truly close to Beyoncé reached out to the entertainment triple threat on a forum where they were certain she would see their wishes-the singer's website.

"God blessed me with one of the greatest gifts in my life on Sept. 4, 1981. Happy birthday," Beyoncé's mother wrote.

Gweneth Paltrow's birthday message came from her whole family: "For dear sweet BB on the occasion of her 31st birthday..." she writes. "We love you so very much. Love Gwyneth, Chris, Apple, Moses."

"B, You came into my life a sweet Southern girl. (LOL) You've blossomed into an amazing woman. I admire how you remain grounded and humble, and you haven't let success change the person that you are. Mama Carter," writes Gloria Carter, her mother-in-law.

Michelle Williams, one of her Destiny's Child band mates wrote, "Beyoncé, Happy birthday to youuuu!! I love you so very much," Williams shared. "I am so thankful you're in my life! P.S. Me & you will never part!"

One person, someone who has already tweeted nearly ten times today, did not give the Queen B a public shout out on any forum, Kim Kardashian.

Both of the girls beau's, Kanye and Jay-Z, might be best friends but that doesn't mean Beyoncé and Kardashian get along.

The Queen B reportedly "snubbed" Kardashian while they were at "Made in America."

According to the Daily News, Beyoncé didn't even acknowledge Kardashian until the end of the festival, and when the ladies finally made small talk at the end Kardashian looked uncomfortable.

A source told the Daily News, "They were on opposite sides of the stage. Beyonce didn't even acknowledge [Kim] was there until the concert was almost over."

"Eventually, the women made small talk in the dressing room, but you could tell Kim was uncomfortable," the source went on to say.

Do you think Beyoncé will be upset that Kim Kardashian didn't grace her with a happy birthday tweet?