Happy birthday, Dylan O’Brien! As the “Maze Runner” star celebrates his 24th birthday Wednesday, the actor has plenty to look forward to. With two movies and a hit TV show, it looks like O’Brien will be pretty busy in his 24th year.

Less than a month after his birthday, O’Brien will see “Maze Runner: Scorch Trials” hit theaters on Sept. 18. The sequel to last year’s “Maze Runner” will follow his character Thomas as he and his fellow Gladers have to fight the WCKD organization. While fighting for his life, Thomas will question his decisions.

“The way I look at it is that in the first movie, Thomas holds all the responsibility for them getting out,” O’Brien told PopSugar. “He thought that was the answer and he believed in it so hard. Now that he's gotten these guys out, they've lost more than they had, all that is weighing on him now. He's not so sure that this was actually the better choice. Maybe this wasn't the best thing. He's fighting that thought while having to still believe in himself and remain strong for these guys.”

The 24-year-old also noted that starring on MTV's “Teen Wolf” helped him prepare for his heroic dystopian movie role. “It literally became my acting school, where I went every day for six months every year,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

teen wolf stiles Dylan O'Brien will return as Stiles in "Teen Wolf" Season 5B in 2016. Photo: MTV

He isn’t done with the MTV drama yet. O’Brien will return as the lovable Stiles Stilinski when “Teen Wolf” Season 5B premieres this winter. However, Stiles might not return to being a goofy sidekick in the new episodes. After accidently killing someone early in Season 5, Stiles took a dark turn. It seems he’ll have to do a lot of work to get back to a good place.

“What's next is partly a long road to recovery for Scott [Tyler Posey] and Stiles' friendship — it's not going to be easy,” showrunner Jeff Davis told the Hollywood Reporter. “They're not all going to come back together in episode 11. What we're planning is a season of rebuilding. … Scott and Stiles [will also try to] both rebuild their relationships — Stiles and Malia [Shelley Hennig] are essentially broken up, Scott and Kira [Arden Cho] have been torn apart — and we'll see if they can get back together.”

A hit movie franchise and a successful TV show won’t be the only projects keeping O’Brien busy through the next year. He is also filming “Deepwater Horizon,” a drama based on the real-life 2010 oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. The film, expected to hit theaters in 2016, puts the “Teen Wolf” star alongside a very famous cast. Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, Kate Hudson and Gina Rodriguez also star in the movie, which is currently filming.