The “Teen Wolf” Season 5 summer finale had a lot of death, resurrections and revelations, but it was distinctly lacking in kitsunes. Kira (Arden Cho) left Beacon Hills in episode 8, and she didn’t return for the massive showdown in the midseason finale. She won't be gone for much longer, though. Showrunner Jeff Davis has revealed that she’ll be in the second half of Season 5.

“She’ll be back soon. We’ll see her in episode 12,” Davis promised TV Line. Luckily, that’s the episode after the midseason premiere, so Kira will likely be around for most of “Teen Wolf” Season 5B. Yet, she might be different after her time away.

“We have a really big episode which is all about Kira and Noshiko going off on their own story to try to figure out how to tame the fox spirit within her and it takes place actually in the desert in New Mexico where they have to journey,” Davis told Entertainment Weekly.

It won’t be a trip solely about taming the kitsune, though. Davis teased that the episode will also deal with her relationship with her mother Noshiko (Tamlyn Tomita). Their relationship isn’t exactly normal. Fans remember when Noshiko attacked Kira earlier this season to test her powers and Kira nearly killed her. “Teen Wolf” Season 5B will deal more with their tense bond.

“We just got a draft in of episode 13, which is all about Kira, and I think it's going to be a really fun episode,” Davis revealed to the Hollywood Reporter. “Episode 12 cues the audience in to where she's been and where she's going with a bit of a cliffhanger, and then 13 is all about Kira. It's pretty fun, what we've come up with, and pretty ambitious, and it delves into some of the tougher parts of her relationship with her own mother, too.”

However, Kira and Scott (Tyler Posey) fans just want to know if their favorite couple will make their relationship work. They didn’t exactly break up when Kira left town, but they weren't in a strong place as couple either. Posey hinted that it might take a while before the two reunite, at least if he gets his way.

“I think [Scott] was relying on [Kira] too much. It was becoming an issue,” he said to Entertainment Weekly. “I think they needed to take a step back and so I think it’s better that Scott has one less thing to worry about, even though no matter what he’s worried about Kira.” Hopefully, Scott’s recent death and resurrection will give him the wisdom he needs to know how to balance a romantic relationship and lead a pack.

“Teen Wolf” Season 5B premieres in the winter. Do you hope Scott and Kira will make their relationship work? Sound off in the comments section below!