Happy Birthday Steve Jobs: The Man Who Changed the Way We Communicate (PHOTOS)

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  • Steve Jobs
    No one can deny the most valuable legacy Jobs has left behind is the Apple company itself. Jobs had co-found the company on April 1, 1976 in Cupertino, California. Within a few decades, the small company has become one of the most valuable, influential and admired companies in the world. Reuters
  • Apple TV in the works, Jobs cracked the code
    iPhone, released in January 2007, has changed the mobile industry. Without the iPhone, the world today would never be the same. The first iPhone hit the market on June 29, 2007 for $499 (4GB) and $599 (8GB) with an AT&T contract. Over the next few years, the iPhone has grown to become the singular most popular smartphone in the world. Without doubt, the iPhone has secured Apple's leading position in the competitive market and has cemented Job's place in the tech history. REUTERS
  • Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs holds a box containing Apple's new Mac OS X operating system while giving the keynote address at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California, May 21, 2001
    When iPad was unveiled in January 27, 2010, many people dismissed it and predicted its failure. However, Jobs still regarded it as a "magical" device, and the huge success of the tablet has proved its critics wrong. As of now, no tablet can compare with the iPad. According to a new survey from Baird Research & Insights, some 93 percent of consumers who already own a tablet own an iPad and 94.5 percent of potential purchasers are considering buying the Apple tablet. Reuters
  • Steve Jobs is pictured with an image of server farm in Maiden, North Carolina as discusses the iCloud service at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco
    The App Store is another revolutionary product of Apple. It was launched in July 2008. Currently, over half a million apps in the App Store are being offered "for work, play and everything in between," which gives the users "almost no limit to what your iPhone can do." Reuters
  • Steve Jobs
    Jobs had perfectly combined the tech and design together, which is one of the major reasons behind the success of Apple products. The genius had even studied calligraphy instruction in Reed College after he quit from his university, according to his Commencement speech in Stanford in 2005. Later, Jobs used the knowledge to design the first Macintosh computer, combining aesthetic appearance and business together perfectly. just as he said " technology married with liberal arts ." Reuters
  • Steve Jobs
    Apple is excellent at marketing. Before every new product launches, Apple has always been tight-lipped about any related information. And if the tech giant feels someone has stolen or leaked its intellectual properties, Apple never shows mercy and will take the fight to the court. However, no one can deny that Apple's marketing policies have helped it pique the curiosity of consumers. Even before any new product releases, Apple fans go crazy about it and automatically a hype builds up. No wonder John Sculley once told The Guardian newspaper in 1997, "People talk about technology, but Apple was a marketing company. It was the marketing company of the decade." Reuters
  • Steve Jobs
    Jobs had established the famous Apple culture, which makes Apple, Apple. There might not be any company that boasts of so many loyal followers as Apple does. REUTERS/Blake Sell
  • Steve Jobs
    Jobs also left behind many inspirational quotes, which are as good as any Apple product keynote. The quotes are the fruits of his wisdom and experience, and have inspired many people around the world. The most famous one among them is no other than his Stanford Commencement Speech in 2005. Click here to find out more to enjoy. Reuters
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Even though Steve Jobs has passed away, the influence of the creative visionary and genius has not grown weak. When Jobs' birthday (Feb. 24) came up, Apple fans worldwide wished the Apple co-founder, who passed away on Oct. 5, a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Steve Jobs was the top trend on Twitter on Friday. Among millions and thousands of the beautiful greetings, the most popular one is 3 Apples changed the world: Adam and Eve's forbidden apple, Newton's apple and finally Steve Jobs' Apple. Happy Birthday Steve Jobs,.

Steve Jobs deserves the praises because he overturned the way the world communicates and use their phones and tablets. Start the slideshow to find out the top 15 ways how Jobs changed the world.

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