As the New Year approaches and New Year's party plans are confirmed, it is time to make that final decision on your New Year's Eve outfit.

This year, count down three, two, one in style.

Each Dec. 31 a flood of revelers say goodbye to the year past dressed in the finest threads around. Women typically grab for sequins, silk or lace. Men put on a snazzy suit or lace up a pair of brogues. 

Since 2011 was not just any-old-year, you do not want to say goodbye with any-old-outfit. Up the ante with some unlikely combinations and statement pieces. 

Women should pile on the glitz -- since it might be the only time of year it is acceptable to do so. Sequin trousers were hugely popular for Fall/Winter 2011. Michael Kors' were probably the top choice, but they have already sold out at most stores. If you are not lucky enough to track down a pair, other labels have jaw-dropping options, like Phillip Lim and D&G. 

Men should emphasize their sartorial side this year. Pocket squares, brogues and tuxedo jackets deserve some dusting off on New Year's. If you are a more casual fella, pair khakis with a patterned button down or black trousers with a metallic bow tie.

Check out the New Year's Eve party outfit ideas. Look your best when you welcome 2012 in these outfits.