While the focus has clearly been on 'Doomsday' preacher Harold Camping and his predictions of a rapture and the end of the world, reports have also given a tangential glimpse at his wife.

One of the first impressions of Camping's mindset as the cataclysm prediction failed to become a reality on May 21 came from his wife, with whom he lives, who has so far not been mentioned by name.

Camping's wife said the broadcaster was  mystified and a little bewildered, after the prediction of massive earthquakes around the world did not take place, Tom Evans, a board member of Family Radio International told ABC News on Monday.

It was Camping's wife who he had planned to be with him at home on May 21, where he said he would be near a TV or radio to hear reports about the disasters he was expecting.

On Saturday it was also Camping's wife who was by his side when the pressure of media attention at their home became unbearable. Camping said May 21 was a very difficult time for me, a very difficult time.

The pressure of the phone, people knocking on the door, it was so much pressure, Camping told reporters on Monday regarding Saturday's events. He said on Monday he erred in thinking judgment day would involved massive quakes, he said it had been a spriritual event but held fast to his previous statements that October 21 would be the end of the world.

Yet on Saturday, when the pressure was growing, it was his wife by his side as the pair escaped the media maelstrom briefly from their home in Alameda, California, he said.

My wife and I went to a hotel that night, Camping said. And together we prayed and prayed. He said they eventually returned, tuning in to watch local news coverage.

Camping's wife also came up when he was asked if he took responsibility for the actions of a listener who had reportedly tried to commit suicide.

He said he wouldn't. He only had spiritual authority over one, person, his wife, he said.

I don't have spiritual rule of anybody, except my wife, he said. Because as head of the household I have spiritual rule over my wife.