Hot on the heels of his return to the Han Solo role that made him famous, Harrison Ford has officially announced that he will be appearing in “Anchorman 2,” the widely hyped sequel to the 2004 Will Ferrell comedy.

According to the Hollywood Reporter's exclusive scoop, “Ford will play a legendary newscaster a la Tom Brokaw in the Adam McKay-helmed comedy, which begins shooting this month in Atlanta.” Ford, now 70, is a bit of a stranger to comedic roles, though casting him as a dignified anchorman could make him an impressive foil to Will Ferrell’s bizarre character of Ron Burgundy.

While very few plot details about the film have emerged, it’s a safe bet that Ford will play a fairly major part in the film. After all, it’s not a smart move to waste such an impressive on-screen presence.

Others set to appear in “Anchorman 2” include original stars Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell and David Koechner. Kristen Wiig has also accepted a role in the film and is widely rumored to be playing a love interest to Carell’s memorably dim character, Brick Tamland.

This announcement makes for a pretty busy schedule for Ford. In addition to “Anchorman 2,” Ford is set to appear in the Jackie Robinson biopic “42” later this year, as well as “Paranoia” and the film adaptation of “Ender’s Game.” Ford is also set to reprise his world-famous role as Han Solo in “Star Wars: Episode VII” in 2015.

Watch the teaser trailer for “Anchorman 2” below, though it sadly does not feature Harrison Ford in any capacity.