It’s been nearly three months since actor Harrison Ford was injured in an emergency crash landing of a plane he was flying. His recovery seems to be going well as he was recently been spotted driving in Los Angeles for the first time since the accident.

TMZ snagged photos of the 72-year-old "Star Wars" actor driving his luxury electric Tesla car in LA late last week. The outlet noted no scars were visible from his March accident, which left his face bloody.

Ford, an aviation enthusiast, was flying a vintage World War II-era plane March 5 when he was forced to make an emergency crash landing on a Santa Monica golf course adjacent to the airport from which he took off. According to reports, the plane’s engine gave out not long after takeoff, and Ford had to act quickly to take it down safely. Although he made a hard landing on the golf course, reports noted a less experienced pilot might have lost control or taken the plane down in a more populated area. Two doctors happened to be playing golf nearby and assisted Ford until paramedics arrived.

The Daily Mail reported he suffered a broken pelvis and ankle as well as a severe laceration to his head. After three weeks in the hospital with wife Calista Flockhart by his side, the actor was finally given the OK from doctors to return home. He had been keeping very quiet and staying inside until last week when he was spotted running errands with a friend. While a car’s steering wheel is a far cry from a cockpit, fans are likely thrilled to see the “Star Wars” actor is in good health after the near miss.

Although the injuries kept him from making an appearance at the annual Star Wars Celebration this year, the Han Solo actor still stole the show, appearing alongside Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) in the debut of the second teaser trailer for December’s “Star Wars: the Force Awakens.”