This Sunday, HBO premiers the much anticipated comedy series Girls.

 You could not pay me enough to be 24 again, a gynecologist says to the main character Hannah during an examination in the show's trailer.

 Well, they're not paying me at all, Hannah replies.

With obvious parallels to Sex and the City, the show follows four single women in their early 20s in New York City.

The main character, Hannah Horvath, is played by the writer and director Lena Dunham, who gained attention in 2010 for her film Tiny Furniture.

The first episode begins with Hannah being told by her parents over dinner that she is being cut off financially after being out of college for two years. She believes she can be a great writer, but is still searching for her identity and doesn't have a paying job.

Do you know how crazy the economy is right now? Hannah snaps back to her parents. All of my friends get help from their parents.

A praised feature of Girls thus far is the truthful depiction of life for young women in a big city. The characters embody the fact that trying to decide what to do with your life and start a career is never glamorous.

The problems that the girls face aren't what dress to buy or which club to go to. Instead they deal with financial and personal issues that make the show more relateable.

In a conversation with the cast video on the Girls website, Dunham and the other actors discuss the difficulties they had with choosing a title, joking that Tampon City was one option.

Allison Williams, who plays Hannah's roommate and best friend Marnie Michaels, comments that the title decided upon encompasses how the adult characters in the show sometimes act like girls while attempting to create an adult life for themselves.