Vincent McCrudden, a commodities fund manager, was arrested at Newark Airport, on charges he threatened to murder dozens of government officials, including thiose who had brought an enforcement action against him.

McCrudden, 49, who ran two New York-based commodities firms, Alnbri Management and Managed Accounts Asset Management, was returning from Singapore where had lived for a few months.

Last December, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) filed a civil lawsuit against McCrudden, claiming he failed to properly register his funds. McCrudden responded to the charges by sending inflammatory emails to CFTC attorneys, according to the FBI.

On one of the hedge fund’s websites, a message told readers to “go buy a gun, and lets get to work in taking back our country from these [government] criminals. I will be the first one to lead by example,” the FBI said.

The government also claim that McCrudden sent an e-mail that threatened to kill CFTC commissioner Gary Gensler.“You are going to die a painful death,” the email allegedly said.

Also, McCrudden, allegedly posted an online execution list last month, which targeted other government officials including Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Schapiro ,

He also threatened officials at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the National Futures Association.

All told, the FBI said, McCrudden made threats to kill 47 current and former government officials.

McCrudden is due for arraignment today in federal court on Long Island.

According to the website of Alnbru Management, Mr. McCrudden has spent the past 13 years and counting combating a colluded Government attempt to discredit and harrass Mr. McCrudden through repeated bogus procedures. Mr. McCrudden has sought relief by suing multiple agencies and officials for $1 Billion. But this has not stopped certain higher ranking officials because they know that Judges are Government employees too. In order to stop the libel, slander and harrassment at the hands of these entities, and with no available forum in the US justice system, Mr. McCrudden has started a process to enact payback for years of Government abuse. As a twice survivor of the WTC bombings, Mr. McCrudden knows all too well what the Government can do in the name of public interest. Mr. McCrudden believes the 23 friends he lost on 9-11-2001 would have had their full support. Wake up my fellow citizens and middle class and go look into the mirror, because you my friends are the face of the new Al Qaeda! Civil disobedience can be a start for justice. Its us (middle class) against them (Government officials and the Bourgeosie). Start acting now before its too late!

The lengthy message goes on to declare: Government employees should be individually accountable and not be able to hide behind the veils of their entities. If they are sued for bad behaviour, they should have to use their own resources and money like any other citizen.