Hell on Wheels What will happen when Elam returns to Cheyenne on "Hell on Wheels" Season 5 episode 7? Photo: AMC

"Hell on Wheels" fans last saw Elam in the Season 3 finale during his fight with a bear. Well, he killed the bear, but the fight left him seriously injured. The Comanche found him and have been taking care of him, believing he has acquired powers from killing the bear. But he's not the same when he awakens; he's got gruesome scars, and seems to have only a vague recollection of Cullen and his life at Cheyenne -- killing Jimmy when he comes to bring him home. However, at the end of the episode he is on his way to Cheyenne anyway with two Comanche girls and one white girl as prisoners.

The synopsis for episode 7, “Elam Ferguson,” reveals that Cullen will try to reconnect with his old friend. However, a sneak-peek scene suggests that the reunion might not be a happy one. In the promo video, Cullen rides up to his estranged friend, who seems to barely recognize him. When Cullen asks if Elam can see him, he replies, “I can see you’re in my way.” Cullen asks if a bear is responsible for the scars on his face. Elam only replies, “I am bear killer.” It seems any hope of a happy reunion in the saloon might have to wait.

Watch Cullen’s tense reunion with Elam below:

Meanwhile, Episode 7 will also see Durant “putting an old problem to rest.” Could this mean revenge for the man who nearly beat him to death after falsely accusing him of murder (It was really Mickey)? Episode 5, the last time fans saw Cheyenne, left a lot of questions. Cullen had just stopped Syd Snow from killing his wife, leaving him imprisoned and awaiting trial, and Durant had torn down John Campbell’s office to build a railway roundtable, in a rather aggressive move that Campbell is sure to counter.

Fans will finally get some answers next week when “Hell on Wheels” returns to Cheyenne. But the return of Elam Ferguson might be of greater interest. Fans are finally getting to see Common’s character in action again, but the new Elam might not be the one fans remember.

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