Twitter has announced it’s working with Rock the Vote to get more Americans registered to vote.

Starting today, you can send a Direct Message to Twitter’s @Gov account with your five-digit zip code, and you’ll receive an automatic response including your state’s voter registration deadline and a personalized link to get registered.

In addition, Twitter has partnered with other organizations, such as Pew’s Voting Information Project and Google’s Information Civic API, to help answer questions voters may have leading up to the presidential elections. You’ll be able to send a Direct Message to Twitter’s @Gov account asking additional questions like polling place location and ballot information, says Twitter in an announcement about the new features.

After you registered to vote, you can let your friends and family members know by Tweeting with a new #iRegistered emoji, which will provide a link that will allow them to register and vote.

Twitter isn’t the only social media company helping to increase the number of registered voters. For example, Google is providing a way for people to search for voting-related keywords in English or Spanish.

When you search for “register to vote” on Google, you’ll see detailed guidelines, voting requirements, and as much information on how to register to vote online, by mail and in person, as applicable. Google’s search feature was announced on Friday but is currently only available to U.S. users.

In honor of #NationalVoterRegistrationDay, Rock the Vote will be holding a Reddit AMA.