Herman Cain finally got the respect he believes he deserves on Saturday, when he won the Florida straw poll.

Cain, who is new to politics but made a name for himself in the private sector as the chief executive of Godfather Pizza, has felt disenfranchised by the Republican base. Before the poll, the conservative Cain was considered a long shot to be the GOP's presidential candidate, but his simple-solutions-stance seems to have earned him some clout.

The takeaway from Florida, that we took away, is that number one, the citizens movement is more powerful than the establishment wants to give me credit for. So yes, they keep treating me like the Rodney Dangerfield of this primary contest, Cain told Fox News.

Cain won the Floria straw poll with a massive 37 percent (2,657 total votes) of the vote, shocking front-runners Texas Governor Rick Perry who came in second with 15 percent and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney with 14 percent.

Look, the Iowa straw poll you can stack the deck, you can practically buy that. Several people tried to do it and now you see what happened. With all due respect to Representative Michele Bachmann, but her star has fallen because it was temporary. The difference is in Florida, these were delegates that were making the call, they were making the call based on who they saw with the most substance in that message, he told Fox news.

Meanwhile, Romney won the Michigan straw poll by a landslide on Sunday, taking 51 percent of the total votes. Perry finished in second place with just 17 percent of the vote, while Cain came in third with nine percent of the 681 votes cast.

Romney was born in Michigan and his father served as governor of the state from 1963 to 1969.