As many television fans know, “Heroes Reborn” is set to premiere as a miniseries on NBC. To help hype up the show, Imperative Entertainment has announced two “Heroes Reborn” games: “Heroes Reborn: Gemini” and “Heroes Reborn: Enigma.” Both games will act as prequels to the TV show and will have an overarching story overseen by “Heroes” creator Tim Kring.

While there will be two “Heroes Reborn” games, they won’t provide the same experience and will have a few minor differences like a “Pokemon” title. Comic Book Resources reports that “Heroes Reborn: Gemini” will be for consoles and the PC, while “Heroes Reborn: Enigma” will be for mobile devices. Both games will be first-person action games that will require players to master heroes' powers to fight enemies and solve puzzles.

“Gemini” will have players control a 20-year-old woman named Cassandra, who can time-travel and use telekinesis. Cassandra will be able to use both powers offensively and to solve puzzles. IGN stated that Cassandra can pick up an object with telekinesis, go back in time, then lunge the object into an unsuspecting opponent.

“Enigma” will have players controlling Cassandra’s 14-year-old sister Dahlia, who will escape a government facility called the Quarry. Her powers have not yet been explained, so it's unclear how the character escapes. Dahlia will reportedly make a cameo appearance in the “Heroes Reborn” miniseries, showing how the game affects the show and vice versa, which will hopefully lead to a smooth and cohesive watching and gaming experience.

Kring’s Imperative Entertainment will publish both games, which were developed by Phosphor -- the studio that worked on the critically acclaimed mobile game “Horn.”

No game footage has been released thus far, though Kring has stated that trailers would debut Sunday at San Diego Comic-Con. The “Heroes Reborn” series will debut Sept. 24, completing the sage of the previous “Heroes” series.

Heroes Reborn - The Extraordinary Among Us (Official Teaser Trailer) (Credit: YouTube/Heroes)