Agent 47 is gearing up for Halloween thanks to Square Enix’s new update for “Hitman: Sniper.” The popular mobile video game that’s available for both Android and iOS is not only getting the Halloween treatment with the new update, it is also receiving some exciting content.

According to PhoneArena, the Halloween update comes with new missions and challenges that will be assigned to “Hitman: Sniper’s” protagonist. The new missions are said to be based in the mountainous Montenegro region that’s been adorned with Halloween-inspired decor. Players should expect to see numerous Jack-o-lanterns in the area. As far as new challenges are concerned, no details about them have been leaked. Players should find out what they are as they play the game once the update has been installed.

Meanwhile, the most interesting addition to the single-player shooter is a new weapon for Agent 47. As per GearNuke, this new weapon is a special crossbow that’s appropriately named as the Exorcist. In using the Exorcist, players can unleash three new abilities: summoning a ghost, vicious impaling and a volley of barbed arrows. The first ability enables players to summon a victim’s ghost, the second one involves sharp objects and blood, while the latter is brutal since it is designed to take on multiple targets at once.

Square Enix also ensured that everyone is dressed up to the occasion, so players should expect their targets to be clad in their spooky Halloween costumes with the new update. 

The “Hitman: Sniper” Halloween update is available for download from Android and iOS until Nov. 24. The game is not for free, but it has a special promo at the moment that discounts it for up to 80 percent off. Thus, interested gamers can get it for just $1.25. There is no word on when this promo will end, so it’s best to grab the game as quickly as possible.